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Welcome to the website of Julie Wallyn and Ashley Pescod, osteopaths!

Osteopathy is a manual therapy consisting of finding the cause of pain. The origin of pain isn’t always located where it hurts! In osteopathy the body is considered as being one whole, one entity: all parts are interconnected.

The osteopath considers three different systems:

➀ The parietal system:

This is our mobility system, consisting of bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments and articulations. When a blockage or loss of mobility occurs, we feel it straight away: for instance when blocked in the back, certain movements are difficult and/or painful.

➁ The visceral system:

This system consists of our viscerals and their membranes, the blood vessels, the lymph vessels and the nerves. If a visceral has a lack of mobility, it doesn’t function well. This mobility loss can also influence the parietal system. That’s the reason why a healthy nutrition is extremely important!

➂ The craniosacral system:

This system is situated between the skull and the sacrum. It consists of the skull, the spine, the cerebral fluid, the cerebral membranes, as well as the central nervous system. The skull is made of a twenty bones, meticulously joined by sutures. In babies and children the skull is still very flexible. Thus, by working on the craniosacral system, good results are being achieved and we positively influence the development of the child. The mobility of this system is an indicator of the health of the patient.

The osteopath is looking for a lack of mobility in these three systems. Using manipulations (if necessary), mobilisations and stretching techniques he makes the body recover its natural mobility and therefore restores its optimal function.

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