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Indications for osteopathy:

✔ Back aches: lumbago, hernia, blockage, muscle stiffness, ...

✔ Neck aches: hernia, whiplash, torticollis, blockage, trapezius syndrome, ...

✔ Headaches, migraine, ...

✔ Digestion problems: acid reflux, spastic colon, constipation, diarrhea, bloated- ness, ...

✔ Articulations: pain, stiffness, TMJ issues, frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis’ or golfers’ellbow, tendinitis, pelvic instability

✔ Radiation in arms or legs

✔ Respiratoral issues, hyperventilation

✔ Gynaecological problems, chronical bladder infections, ...

✔ Nose/ear/throat: sinusitis, ear infections, mucus, tinnitus, ...

✔ Post traumatic complaints: after an accident or surgery: scars, coccyx     problems, ...

✔ Sleep disturbances, tiredness, ...

✔ Prevention of sports injuries, muscular cramps

✔ Complaints during pregnancy or post partum

✔ Breastfeeding issues: breastfeeding positions, bad latch, mastitis, cracked nipples, ...

Indications in babies and children:

✔ Asymmetry or flattening of the skull, oblique position of the head

✔ Enuresis (“wet the bed”), chronical infections of the respiratory system, mucus, ear infections

✔ Concentration and learning issues

✔ Growth problems, motoric development issues

✔ Headache

✔ Crybabies

✔ Hyperactivity, ADHD

✔ TMJ issues, supporting orthodontics

✔ Neck pain, torticollis

✔ Reflux, belly cramps, belly pain, diarrhea, constipation and other digestion difficulties

✔ Sleep disturbances

✔ Swallowing and sucking issues

✔ Preferential positions

✔ Too short tongue tie

✔ Breastfeeding issues

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