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As an osteopath I find it extremely important to following post-graduate courses to keep up-to-date with the latest techniques and insights, to be able to help my patients the best I can.

That's how I got in touch with causopraxy, an innovative approach that can really make a big change for all of us.

During our daily life we get in touch with a whole bunch of toxic products from our environment. Just think of the polluted air you breathe in, the chemicals used in washing and cleaning products, the colorants and preservatives used in our food - as well as the heavy metals found in fish for example -, the radiation of our cellphone, laptop, television, …

All these toxins get into our body and start piling up in our tissues and viscerals, causing our body to weaken. This can lead to physical aches: muscle and joint pains, fatigue, headaches, digestion problems, …

Thanks to causopraxy we can now detect which toxins are weakening our body and we can eliminate them.

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