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I am Loïc Dewez. My job is my passion: I make helping others heal and feel good about themselves a priority. That is why I trained in physiotherapy and rehabilitation for 4 years at the university and another 5 years in osteopathy. To me, lifelong learning is important and it enables me to rigourously and effectively treat my patients.

I specialise in dealing with athletes and infants, but anyone is welcome. 


In keeping with its founder AT Still, I practice a holistic osteopathy. My objective is to restore tissue mobility at a structural, but also cranial and visceral level. I start by carrying out a clinical assessment, followed by a treatment of the patient (not his or her pathology specifically) and then I provide diet advice, exercices or a stretching routine. I work with other health professionals, if need be, and it's now been 10 years since I started working with this approach.

Loïc is perfectly trilingual: French, English and German.

Loïc treats adults, as well as babies and children.

Professional qualifications and courses:

✔ ︎D.O.-Osteopathy diploma, Belso in Gent/Charleroi

    Thesis: Importance and efficiency of osteopathic treatment of cranial deformations in infants

Master Diploma in Physiotherapy and Revalidation, ULG in Liège

✔︎ Certification in Pilates Matwork, Vitalys, Brussels

✔︎ Fascia and crochetage Course, ITMP, France

✔︎ Course in Trx / Gravity / rip Trainer: global muscular rehabilitation

✔︎ Nutrition Course, CERDEN in Brussels

✔︎ Abdominal hypopressive reeducation Course