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I'm passionate about helping people since I was little. The choice  to go for a job in the healthcare sector was therefore quickly made. Full of dedication I started the midwifery course, with a 10-week internship abroad in Kigali (Rwanda) as a highlight. After obtaining my bachelor's degree as a midwife, I decided to start an additional education in osteopathy at the ULB in Anderlecht, Brussels.

What's great about our profession is the possibility to help people with the most diverse complaints. As an osteopath our job is to look for the cause of the complaint, knowing that it is not always located where the pain manifests itself. Those causes can be found in the musculoskeletal system, the visceral system, the emotional system, lifestyle, etc. Our personal and holistic approach makes that we see the patient as a whole and not just his / her complaint.

Given my previous experience as a midwife, my passion is particularly focused on the treatment of mother and child. This is also the reason why I chose to follow the 2-year postgraduate course on osteopathy in babies, children and pregnant women at Panta Rhei in the Netherlands.

I am passionate about my profession and I regularly follow courses to improve my knowledge as well as the quality and diversity of treatments.

Gwendolyn is perfectly trilingual: Dutch, French and English.

Gwendolyn treats adults, as well as babies and children.

Professional qualifications and courses:

✔︎ Master in Osteopathy, ULB in Brussels

    Thesis: A case study of the efficiency of osteopathic treatment in a population of newborns with suckling and swallowing deficiency

✔︎ Bachelor Midwife, Erasmus Hogeschool in Jette

✔︎ Specialisation Osteopathy for babies and children: Panta Rhei in the Netherlands (ongoing)

✔︎ Simplified Kinesiology Course, ACVO in Oostmalle

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