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I am Julie Wallyn. I was born in 1985 and I’ve always lived in Overijse. Since my younger years I’ve been extremely intrigued by human anatomy and psychology. I’ve studied Latin-Maths at the Koninklijk Atheneum Etterbeek and devoured the biology, physics and chemistry courses. The first time I got in touch with an osteopath I fell in love with the job: the combination of scientific knowledge and the subtle touch passionated me! I studied Osteopathy for five years at the International Academy of Osteopathy (IAO). I’m eager to learn and want to stay up-to-date in this matter; I regularly follow courses to be able to help my patients the best way I can.

Professional qualifications and courses:

✔︎ D.O.-Osteopathy diploma, IAO in Gent

    Thesis: Postural Changes in Violin Players

✔︎ Bachelor in Osteopathy, University of Wales in Cardiff

✔︎ Craniosacral Therapy Course, Peirsman Craniosacraal Academie in Gent

✔︎ Foot Reflexology Course

✔︎ Osteopathy in Sports Course: "Introduction in muscle testing and the new Applied Kinesiology", IAO in Gent

✔︎ Manipulation Course, "Zero degree manipulation", Fico in Antwerpen

✔︎ Specialisation Osteopathy for babies and children: Panta Rhei in the Netherlands, Fico in Antwerpen and Causamatics Academy

✔︎ TMJ Course, Fico in Antwerpen

✔︎ Simplified Kinesiology Course, ACVO in Oostmalle

✔︎ Integrated Techniques according to Frank De Bakker, Fico in Antwerpen

✔︎ Craniofascial Techniques according to Clive Hayden, Fico in Antwerpen

✔︎ Lymphofascial Techniques for CFS, fibromyalgia, MS and other chronic inflammatory diseases according Bruno Chikly, Fico in Antwerpen

✔︎ Dry Needling, Fico in Antwerpen

✔︎ 1st year of Causopraxy (ongoing), The Practice Academy

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